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A unique expertise in providing web-based marketing tools, powered by a fusion of market research, behavioural and geospatial data.

RDA RESEARCH - Involved with Geospatial, Market Research and Behavioural Data

Our tools provide nuanced support for market planning, customer engagement and local area marketing in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK & USA.

We go beyond demographics and Census information and incorporate behavioural and psychological perspectives in our tools, to deliver a deeper understanding of people and where to find them.

Our unique geoFusion process for predictive modeling and data fusion seamlessly integrates information from multiple sources to create a powerful analysis engine.

geoFusion allows detailed market research such as personal values, psychological profiling and brand preference to be presented geospatially and on customer databases.

This deeper understanding helps brands to resonate and build affinity with their audiences through more effective market planning and nuanced customer engagement messaging.

Our segmentation and profiling tools are delivered through the web and are supported by our experienced professional team.

RDA's professional affiliations with market research societies reflects our commitment to Codes of Professional Behaviour. No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is used in the construction or application of RDA's profiling, modelling or analysis systems.

RDA RESEARCH - Involved with Geospatial, Market Research and Behavioural Data

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